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Through The Eyes Of GUILT


"Our morality defines our mortality & Our mortality defines our morality"

How guilt motivates us to do the things we do, the choices we make and what it is we think and believe we are here “doing” has always fascinated me.


Guilt reveals itself as we experience life circumstances that confront our moral ethic and our behaviour towards others. More often than we realize, we place guilt on others to satisfy our own self.


What do we do when faced with feelings of guilt?


What holds us to use guilt against ourselves or against the world that we live in?


What does it take to live beyond the judgements we make when we look at life through the eyes of guilt?


Maybe that is the brilliance in the plan of our journey here. Maybe guilt is designed to motivate us to live beyond the grip of judging ourselves and the judgements we place on others.


Is life meant to be lived guilt free? Or can guilt teach us more about ourselves than we realize?



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