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If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate. ~ 

Markers in Life

​Unordinary days


Markers in life, moments that shape us, shape our lives. Once we experience them we can never go back. Never go back to what we once were. Those moments in life where we know something changed our course in life.

The Dance Within

Spirit vs Ego

Meditation is the vehicle that opens up our world of spirit and reveals to us the mystery of life.


Where the ego wants definitive answers and logic, the spirit thrives in connection and mystery.


Our spirit thrives on this connection.  It is in the connection of our spirit with the Holy Spirit that makes it all work.


Why the Holy Spirit and what does that mean anyway? Sounds religious? The Holy Spirit embraced as a guide for one’s life means that we must consider what we hold as our belief system. What is it that we believe about life beyond this human experience?


We are free to believe as we choose. Our ego will make sure it has a say, but our spirit will invite us to consider this connection where it longs to be in relationship.


Our spirit recognizes this connection and will search out its whole life if needed to discover it. 

Meditation | Abundance 



In a world of information overloaded, constant change and challenges, how do you rise above the noise, stay positive, and practice abundant thinking so you achieve your personal and financial goals?


When you let your sense of imagination and creative possibilities exist,  you can experience, create and attain far more while remaining at ease and at peace with life’s journey..


Meditation and Abundance – the Dance Within, will teach you how to create a connection with your soul where endless possibilities unfold in ways you never imagined possible. Believe in yourself. Dream bigger. Attain even greater heights of success.

Moment to Moment

Be Still 

Take a few moments right now, stop what you are doing and just breathe. In slowly through your nose, out slowly through your month. Listen to the rhythem of the waves. 


Choose YOU. Sign Up Today. 


Alvin has created a two part education system to help you transform your life.


The first, walks through our stories and how they shape us. 

The second, focuses on the dance of meditation and how meditation in partnership with the Holy Spirit, changes our lives.


Each session is unique to YOU, yet can - if desired, be customized for a group setting. Couples, Families, Offices. There is a path for anyone with the desire to change. 


Each session takes approximately 40 minutes of presentation time. Followed by discussion. 

Please contact us for further information, it would be our greatest blessing and joy to join you on this most transfomative journey. 

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